Hand simplified Brazilian States

I made a simple map of brazilian states in topoJSON and shapefile. Source for topoJSON is here in Github and visualization in bl.ocks.org. Shapefiles can be found here.

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TopoJSON of Brazil’s states

It’s pretty much the same as the project from Carolina Bigonha, but with a minor twist: it was simplified by hand :)

If you take a closer look, it’s possible to see I simplified all the borders, removing details, but preserving the shape and precision as much as possible. The final file size is really small, no more than 8.5Kb for the topoJSON file.

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Less precise, but smaller

I made it for my master’s course in Mackenzie, we were doing data visualization and the maps I found had too much detail for simple choropleths or cartograms. QGis was used to edit it.

License is MIT, so use as you want.

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